Politico writer interviews wrong Congressman.

I am filled with a terrible pity, here.

A Congressional Quarterly reporter published an exclusive sit-down interview with House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) this week. The only problem with the piece was that the reporter never actually interviewed House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy.


Sources with knowledge of the mixup told POLITICO it was a case of mistaken identity. [Name redacted out of sheer pity] confused McCarthy — one of the most recognizable congressmen in Washington, constantly surrounded by a phalanx of police officers — with another member.

Because, contra Politico, here is a basic truth about Washingtonian politicians: they all look alike.  I’ve interviewed Kevin McCarthy.  God help me if I ever have to pick him out of a crowd.

Moe Lane

4 thoughts on “Politico writer interviews wrong Congressman.”

  1. Heh. See, if I were interviewing anyone, trying to “gauge them”, “get a feel for them as a person”, I’d go in loaded with questions about stuff that can be gleaned from their Wiki-bios that are kind of unique to the person being interviewed…
    Interviewing Rick Perry? “So Rick, is your daughter’s ringtone still ‘Jump’?”
    Interviewing Mike Pence? “So Mike, how is Charlotte finding DePaul?” (one of Junior Cat’s peers is there…)
    Interviewing Kevin McCarthy? “Kevin, I understand your family have deep roots in Bakersfield. When Connor and Meghan were younger what were their favorite summertime activities?”
    Even if the material ends up in the file, asking these is a good use of time – if the person on the other end of the scratchy cell phone says “What the hell are you talking about?” then .. you know there’s an issue.

  2. “I’ve interviewed Kevin McCarthy. God help me if I ever have to pick him out of a crowd.”
    So all Congresspeople look alike to you? You’re Congress-ist!

    1. Rather, there’s a hellish fabricator out there, somewhere, turning out this plague on our existence.
      Maybe it’s located in Kenya.
      I blame aliens.
      Or maybe the Illuminati.
      (Like there’s a difference.)

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