Two weeks in, and things are not going according to the Democrats’ plan.

Some interesting articles out there on Obama, and his influence on various demographics.

Like, say, women:

Female voters powered President Barack Obama’s victory over Mitt Romney in 2012, as Democrats leaned heavily on social issues to rally single women and suburban moms to the polls.

But with two weeks until Election Day, the president’s diminished standing with women is quickly becoming one of the biggest liabilities facing Democrats as they struggle to hang onto the Senate majority.

Or Colorado:

About two-thirds of likely voters say their opinion of the president is a factor in their decision this November, the Post poll found. Obama’s approval rating is 41 percent compared with 56 percent who disapprove.

Of those voters who consider Obama a major factor in their decision, nearly 70 percent plan to vote Republican in Colorado’s U.S. Senate and governor’s races.

Or people with retrograde amnesia (via American Thinker):

USA TODAY/Suffolk University polls in a half-dozen states with key Senate races underscore just how much times and political fortunes have changed for the president. In five of the six states, the percentage of likely voters who say they voted for Obama in 2012 has dipped from the actual results.

Of those who say they did vote for him, as many as one in seven say they regret it.

Two weeks before the election, and the one thing that the Democrats don’t want to hear? That the person that they’d assume would be their best draw on the campaign trail is very likely going to end up being their worst one.

One thought on “Two weeks in, and things are not going according to the Democrats’ plan.”

  1. “rally single women and suburban moms to the polls.”

    Ahem…Translation: “rally Welfare recipients and abortion supporters to the polls”

    Because actual “suburban moms”, i.e. married, with children, tend to vote republican. The Democrats and media’s inability to speak plainly reveals their weakness.

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