Jeanne Shaheen caught lying about her opposition to nuclear power.

Rookie mistake.

Really and truly, she did claim that.

Because there’s this thing called YouTube now, you know:

And this is not out of context. From the same debate:

Look, it’s one thing to change your mind and now support nuclear power: it’s another to pretend that you always did.  The first is merely a demonstration that you no longer take seriously the theocratic ravings of a bunch of profoundly anti-scientific progressive Greenie yahoos.  The second suggests a certain inherent cowardice, manifesting as a fundamental unwillingness to admit that, yeah, really, you were one of those yahoos yourself.  Guess we now know what Jeanne Shaheen sees when she looks in the mirror, huh?

Moe Lane (crosspost)

3 thoughts on “Jeanne Shaheen caught lying about her opposition to nuclear power.”

  1. Said it before, will say it again.

    The Aesop scorpion thing. It’s just what they DO.

    They can’t help it.

  2. In fairness, I’m prepared to buy the argument that she’s suffering from really significant age-related memory loss.

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