White House tries to help Bruce Bailey in his gubernatorial bid… Oh, God, STOP it.

This is starting to offend my professional pride.

Maybe the White House should possibly do Bruce Braley a favor and, you know, shut up or something? – At least, that’s probably how Braley is feeling right now. Personally, I think that Barack Obama should come stump for the guy. Oh, wait, that’s because I don’t have Braley’s best interests at heart.

Moe Lane

PS: And, of course, as I’m writing this up I see this:

Do tell. Do tell.

2 thoughts on “White House tries to help Bruce Bailey in his gubernatorial bid… Oh, God, STOP it.”

  1. It seems like the Dem’s are just starting to fall apart now. This the previous Shaheen post, the previous Pryor post, the multiple appeals to racial dog whistles to try to get out the vote. There is no mercy rule in politics but it’s starting to look like the Dem’s might need one before this is over.

    1. That’s no way to run a party …
      More seriously, the one thing the Dems are struggling most with is originality – they’re doing nothing but recycling old tricks that worked in the past…
      There’s this steakhouse, out on the edge of the Wisconsin Dells, I think.. built back in the 1970s and nothing but the prices have been updated since.
      It’s all very clean and tidy, the owner obviously cares about the details, but the decor and the menu is all original, and it’s .. well, I look at it as a cultural anthropological experiment to go there and eat the cheese course, and the veggie course, and the soup course ..
      Watching the Dems dig further and further into their bag of tricks that have worked in the past is reminding me more and more of a trip to that steakhouse.

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