AP-GfK: 9% of voters enthusiastic about Barack Obama.


[A recent] AP-GfK poll asked the approve/disapprove question, finding 17 percent of likely voters said they strongly approve of Obama and 44 percent strongly disapprove. But then it asked a separate — and we would argue, more enlightening — question about the Obama administration. It asked how people felt about it, and gave them four options: “enthusiastic,” “satisfied but not enthusiastic,” “dissatisfied but not angry,” and “angry.”

That would seem to be a pretty good analogue for the approve/disapprove question, but the answers are quite a bit different. While 17 percent of likely voters “strongly approve” of Obama, just 9 percent say they are “enthusiastic” about his administration.

That’s not very good news for the Democrats.

Moe Lane

PS: I do not claim that the polls are biased towards the Democrats in this year’s election cycle.  We’ll know in less than two weeks, and assuming that there’s something wrong with the polls because they’re not matching your view of reality is a really, really good way to get your head handed to you, electorally speaking.  But I will say this: the Democrats should be praying right now – praying very loudly, and very very sincerely – that there is absolutely no bias towards the Democrats at all in the polls – because if there is any, they’re going to be under the Mighty Hammer of Maximum Fun on Election Day.

5 thoughts on “AP-GfK: 9% of voters enthusiastic about Barack Obama.”

  1. Democrats recognize no higher power than the Democratic Party. Makes it kind of difficult to pray for help when the party’s in trouble.

  2. It’s the people who feel strongly who are most likely to vote. 44 to 17? The first number seems low to me.

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