Excuse me, Hillary Clinton: the earth revolves around the sun, Marxism is bad, & businesses create jobs.

It takes a person who has almost literally done nothing else besides politics her entire life to say something this dumb:


“And don’t let anybody, don’t let anybody tell you that, umm, you know, that it’s corporations and businesses that create jobs.”

…I feel bad for the people who are contractually obligated to make a silk purse out of this nonsense, you know? I know I shouldn’t, because they wouldn’t feel bad for me; but I still have professional pride, and part of that is recognizing, and feeling empathy for, when other people have to take a hit to theirs.  This is awful stuff to have to spin to anybody except a hardcore progressive, and possibly even some of them are wincing at this one.

The 2016 Democratic primaries are going to be fascinating.  The idea is to run away from an unpopular President, guys.  Towards the center.

Moe Lane