New Hampshire, Vermont: look, all those states look alike to Elizabeth Warren.

You really don’t expect Elizabeth Warren to care about New Hampshire, can you? The Senator can barely muster up enough energy to care about Massachusetts.  So it’s not really surprising to hear that the woman apparently can’t be bothered to remember which state Jeanne Shaheen pretends to be from:

I mean, let’s face it: Elizabeth Warren is not so much a creature of the DC Beltway as she is a happy convert to it. And she will never, ever leave this place permanently. And those darling people of Vermont New Hampshire should learn to understand her place… and, of course, theirs.

‘Populist,’ my eye.

Moe Lane (crosspost)

PS: Scott Brown for Senate.

PPS: By the way… I don’t think that Vermont would actually want Jeanne Shaheen as Senator, unless of course Bernie Sanders died or retired or something. She’s downright awful when it comes to gun rights; and they’ve already got one of those Senators, thanks.

6 thoughts on “New Hampshire, Vermont: look, all those states look alike to Elizabeth Warren.”

  1. Isn’t Elizabeth Warren the same person that was running around claiming to be part Native American when she wasn’t…

    1. Yes.

      Moe, did you mean “leave this place permanently” as you wrote or something else, like maybe forgot a “willingly” or “except permanently” somewhere?

        1. As someone from the midwest, I feel sorry for you. There is a lot more people with actual sanity in my neck of the woods.

    2. You see that Legal Insurrection on the blog roll? They’ve documented this extensively.
      She apparently inspires either bigoted hatred or professional revulsion in the good professor. I suspect the latter.

  2. It is a little known fact that many Native Americas, especially when descended from those of highest cheekbones, referred to New Hampshire as Vermont.

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