How the not-actually-mighty have fallen.

Well now.

I’m guessing that the consensus is ‘no:’

“[Wendy Davis] does well on TV. That’s a pretty well-tried path for people like her,” said Matt Bennett, former aide to President Bill Clinton and Al Gore and co-founder of the moderate Democratic group Third Way. “That is a path she might be happier on anyway. She of all people knows how tough it is to win in Texas.”

“She’s still a star in Democratic politics,” he added. “It doesn’t matter what Texas thinks of her.”

…By the way: that language above is how to poison the future political career of a problematic candidate on your own side.  It’s remarkably elegant, in its way. Not a single open insult in the excerpt; and yet you know that Bennett is providing Davis with the Kiss of Death.

Ach, well.

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