Dear Democratic operatives: You. Are. Dead. And. This. Is. HELL*.

And you will never, ever escape.

The last Democrat to challenge Nancy Pelosi for the party’s top House leadership spot—after a devastating loss of majority control in the tea-party wave of 2010—finds himself now completely out of Congress.

Former Rep. Heath Shuler of North Carolina can be seen on TV today as a side character in a Dish Network commercial featuring fellow former collegiate football greats. Gone from Congress, too, are many of Shuler’s former moderate “Blue Dog” colleagues in the House.

Now, four years later, Pelosi is not even waiting a few days to mull whether she should stay on as her party’s leader after yet another drubbing Tuesday at the polls. Rather, she sent out a “Dear colleague” letter on Wednesday to returning and newly elected House Democrats declaring that she is running again to be their caucus leader.

She will be there forever.


Moe Lane

*Classical reference.

9 thoughts on “Dear Democratic operatives: You. Are. Dead. And. This. Is. HELL*.”

  1. I’m…. confused…. Isn’t she exactly who the democrat party deserves as their caucus leader?

      1. Ah, Moe’s piece came over as sympathetic…. I guess it’s kind of the yankee equivalent to “bless their hearts”…?

  2. So, the “hundred year majority” might actually be true ( By the time Pelosi is ready to pass they will have figured out a way to re-animate her corpse)

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