Reminder to people getting Dragon Age: Inquisition next week.

A game that I expect that I will be playing pretty heavily, by the way:

…anyway, the number of choices that you made in the first game are sufficiently numerous that you’re just going to have to go through the whole thing here at Dragon Age Keep and customize your game pre-experience. There’s stuff in here that I don’t remember, although I’m morbidly certain that in more than a few cases it’ll end up biting me on the rear…

3 thoughts on “Reminder to people getting Dragon Age: Inquisition next week.”

  1. No time for that. World of Warcraft Expansion is this Thursday. I even booked 2 days of personal time for some quality leveling.

  2. Wow. Makes me realize how much I missed out in the first two installments. I might have to replay both and see if I can refresh this Keep thingy. Damn my completionist impulses.

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