2 thoughts on “Penny Arcade takes up the pirate ship argument.”

  1. The whole power fantasy of Assassin’s Creed has long since grown stale for me. (Even before the devs at Ubisoft decided that what the game really needed was a tower defense mini-game.)
    But I loved Black Flag, if for no reason than nostalgia over all the hours I sunk into Sid Meier’s Pirates! I actually kind of resented that I kept having to leave my ship to do silly and ahistorical things.

  2. Years ago in one of the editions of D&D, there were some very bare bones ship to ship combat rules (maybe they were from Dragon Magazine, I don’t even remember) that we thought were cool so we expanded on them, play tested them and tweeked them until we had a pretty fun setup. I think we only used the rules once in an actual campaign and it was a great disappointing to me. Screw dungeon crawls, THIS was the game I wanted to play.

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