The inevitable internal conflict of all left-protests in one tweet.

Mostly one picture.

There we have it: a white progressive dude* puts on an ideologically-fraught, hyper-romanticized disguise and attempts to infiltrate a protest – and then use it as cover for said white progressive dude’s rather puerile and sad attempt to get back at Daddy for leaving him and Mommy by going out, and trying to break a piece of the world. The remarkable thing here is that the actual protesters made said pathetic man-child vandal stop. That automatically puts the Ferguson people one up on the antiwar movement, Greenies, animal rights groups, gun control activists, infosocialists, Occupiers, anti-GMO Luddites (sorry, but that’s what they are), and pretty much every other Left-group out there that’s ever been battened upon by the Professional Activist Left.

Won’t last, though. Once the blackshirts find your cause, it’s probably going to end up dying a withered, shriveled-up husk. Which isn’t really my problem, mind you.

Moe Lane

*Well, he’s not a conservative. We clean up after our protests. And he’s not a liberal: they typically …well, that would have been a mean thing to write, so I won’t.

2 thoughts on “The inevitable internal conflict of all left-protests in one tweet.”

  1. Rattle Big Black Bones
    in the Danger Zone
    there’s a rumblin’ groan
    down below
    there’s a big dark town
    it’s a place I’ve found
    there’s a world going on
    There needs to be a cover of this song done.

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