Actually, 2014 was pure death for political dynasties.

I was going to snark on this, but on reflection I thought that I should instead note:

  • Mark Pryor, son of Gov./Sen. David Pryor.
  • Mark Udall, son of Rep. Morris Udall.
  • Mark Begich, son of Rep. Nick Begich.
  • Michelle Nunn, daughter of Sen. Sam Nunn.
  • Alison Lundergan Grimes, daughter of KY Dem Chairman Jerry Lundergan.
  • Mary Landrieu, daughter of Mayor/HUD Secretary Moon Landrieu.
  • Jason Carter, grandson of President Jimmy Carter.
  • Gary King, son of Gov. Bruce King.
  • Vincent Shaheen, nephew of SC Speaker Robert Shaheen.

…those are the ones that just leaped out at me (OK, OK, I went through the Senate/gubernatorial lists).  At any rate: this was a bad year to be a member of a political dynasty.  Well, if you were a Democrat, at least: I didn’t check the Republicans, mostly because I didn’t see much point to it. Either the Republican dynasty scions also lost, which would have proved my point further or they happened to win, which would have heaped more coals on the heads of the Democrats who failed their Houses.  Good news either way, in other words.

So, hey, let’s go with 2016. I figure that Jeb Bush won’t win the nomination, so no skin off of my nose, hey?

(H/T: Hot Air Headlines)

Moe Lane

5 thoughts on “Actually, 2014 was pure death for political dynasties.”

  1. I figure that Jeb Bush won’t win the nomination …
    Gosh, I sure hope he doesn’t! But stranger things have happened. The frustrating thing is that he might make a good president … but we can’t afford the precedent.

    1. I’m hopeful he straight up doesn’t run at all. His window of opportunity never really materialized. He would have had to beat his brother for the nomination in 2000 2 years into his first term, which he obviously didn’t want to do. That put his next opportunity 8 years out even if W had lost in 2004. W’s unpopularity in 2008 doomed the party but especially anyone with the last name Bush, so 2008 was a no go. 2012 was still too soon for anyone named Bush as Obama’s awfulness hadn’t sunk in deep enough yet. 2016 would seem like the best time for him to make a go for it, except that it’s been 10 years since he held office and he’s not aged well politically since then.

      Don’t force it Jeb. It’s just not going to work out. The country and the party will do just fine without you as the candidate. Focus on party building and outreach, and try not to bring up your boneheaded support for Common Core and Amnesty.

      1. His son George P ( who is under 40) will probably be Governor of Texas after Abbott. And from there he could make a run if he wants to. We’ve had enough Bushes to last at least a few decades.

  2. George P. Bush won in Texas, but so did almost every other Republican. And Bush won on his own efforts I think ( I don’t think either his grandpa or his Uncle really helped him in Local TX politics and his dad is a Florida politician)

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