19 thoughts on “All right, the ‘Star Wars: The Force Unleashed’ trailer.”

  1. The bad guys lightsaber looks stupid imo. Granted someone probably said that about the very first lightsaber duel.

    1. Actually, I think I see a good deal of sense in it — protects the wrists from any glancing blows that might travel the length of the blade.
      Although most of the fight scenes in the series do seem to indicate that LS blades seem to impose some sort of frictional force against each other…

  2. I will not be suckered in this time around. That last video was a fake, so I can be strong for this video. I-
    *sees the X-Wings skimming over the water*
    I… I… It’s not fair… That’s not fair at all… *starts to sob* That’s not fair…

  3. I think the light-quillons look pretty cool. (And this is still Star Wars, so Rule of Cool definitely applies. If it didn’t, turning on a lightsaber would cause a pretty ugly gravitational disaster.)
    If you’re really worried about Unnamed Bad Guy’s fingers/hands, just assume he’s wearing cortosis-laced gloves or gauntlets or whatever.
    And I already conceded my butt being in a seat on opening weekend. I don’t think that’s healthy, but my inner child really wants to believe.

  4. This will only end in tears.

    *Morbid curiosity compelled viewing*

    Wait wha…? Oh. Right. This is an Abrams universe now. Flares and explosions. At least there’s a lower chance of tedious grandstanding.

  5. On the one hand, that lighstaber. Ugh.

    On the other hand that Falcon sequence + the X-Wings. Be still my heart.

  6. I saw emotion.
    And scenery that evokes the frontier.
    I didn’t see:
    A cutesy character that obviously exists only for comic relief.
    Vapid koans.
    I object less to the quillions than I did Darth Maul’s staff. And the scene in which it appears actually had a sense of forboding–even with no build-up.
    I’m cautiously optimistic.

    1. Jar Jar actually had more to the plot than comic relief, look I hated the character but he actually was relevant to the plot.

      I actually think Maul’s staff was better than the quillions (I actually noticed how they can be a bad thing). A two-sword staff is actually a weapon that could work (btw, a Bat’leth is a two-bladed sword and there is a whole martial art for it). The quillions actually could end up catching the opponent’s weapon in a manner that you get your own cut into pieces.

      1. You’re implying that the first prequel had a plot. I challenge that. Lots of stuff happened (often several times), but it no more had a plot than it had a protagonist.
        But I will cede that JarJar was also a McGuffin, for a society that made no fricking sense. Which did not serve to make him less annoying.
        I note the complete lack of real life examples. A Bat’leth is every bit as imaginary as a lightsaber, and people playing with replicas of them is not what I’d call a martial art.

  7. It’s hard for me to feel any sympathy after what some have done over the years to the Star Trek franchise.

  8. I really wasn’t impressed with the trailer, nor was I disappointed. I didn’t think there was enough there to make a determination one way or the other.

    One of my concerns is that certain key characters in the EU will be gotten rid of.

    The new bad-guy lightsaber didn’t seem that practical, even with cortosis-weave gauntlets. It would work with a regular sword, but with a lightsaber I can see problems. It is resistant to lightsabers, it isn’t impervious to lightsabers.

    I’m guessing they’re trying not to over-hype the movie and I can respect that. I wasn’t overly disappointed with the prequels (we knew how the story was supposed to turn out people, that kinda eliminates a lot of the suspense (a weakness in prequels, which is why they tend not to do very well)).

    I’m probably going to see this movie, but I’m not going to have expectations until more information comes out.

    1. I like the new lightsaber, but I agree it could use a slight tweak. I think the quillions should be a different color to imply that they are not omni-directional cutting surfaces.
      What are you talking about? The Phantom Menace was horrible.
      It wasn’t because we knew where the story was going to wind up. It’s because The Phantom Menace was a bad story, poorly told. (Not even mentioning that it turned The Force into a venereal disease. Or that the various societies and factions made no sense.)
      You could have taken a few bits from the rampant speculation of fans, and told a kick*ss tale set in a setting that evoked wonder. (I personally would have started with OB-1 Kenobi being a clone and the Mandalorians being a focus. But there were many other great options available.)

  9. Bah. Whoever is doing the CGI doesn’t seem to be aware of the value of motion blur. In particular, the shot of the young woman riding the flying conder block looked fake FAKE FAKE! due to the complete lack of motion blur.

    1. They’re still working on post-production, so it stands to reason that motion blur may have yet to be added.

      If it isn’t then the person doing the CGI is making a rather novice error.

  10. Yes, the trailer looked pretty good. But allow me two counterpoints. First, I paid money for ALL of the prequels. The product delivered was…let’s just say, less than stellar. Second, after Star Trek: Into Darkness, I frakking HATE J.J. Abrams.
    So, nope. Not spending any of my money to see it. Not in first-run, anyway. I’ll wait till it’s out at the dollar theater, if the reviews are good…and if they’re not, hey, that’s what Redbox is for.

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