#Ferguson protesters continue to… ah, ‘badly represent their own cause.’

As a general rule of thumb, your protests should not basically infuriate people who have jobs, places to be, or both.

Also: this is dangerous. This is dangerous in the sense that every time protesters do this, they are betting that the first cars that they stop will not have a driver who will snap under a sudden case of road rage and simply plow through the line. And don’t get me wrong: plowing through would be a wicked, immoral thing to do. But if I was protesting, I personally wouldn’t take that kind of risk.  Then again, if I was protesting it wouldn’t be for a cause that was being busily taken over by the blackshirts, either.

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4 thoughts on “#Ferguson protesters continue to… ah, ‘badly represent their own cause.’”

  1. I disagree.
    Blocking the road is a wicked, immoral thing.
    Unless they’re in a crosswalk, they don’t have the right-of-way. And no one has any obligation whatsoever to cede the right-of-way to them. If they want to throw themselves in front of a moving vehicle, that’s called suicide, and it in no way places moral culpability upon the driver of the car they threw themselves in front of.
    I’d be driving through them slowly, giving them every opportunity to get out of the way, but I’d be driving through them.
    I’ve used granny gear and my bumper to push through herds of cows–who don’t know any better. These *ssh*l*s do.

    1. I agree with Luke.

      I’ll go farther:

      The most moral response to such protestors is to slowly drive through them. If they’re blocking multiple lanes, then you should go back and forth over every lane, until every thug is dead, or out of the way.

      The other moral response would be for the cops to show up, throw every single protestor in jail, and require them to stay there for at least 48 hours, no bail possible. Followed by charging them with every single crime possible, and insisting on maximum sentences for all those convicted.

      But until we get a moral government that is willing to punish these thugs, we need to take it into our own hands.

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