Just finished Dragon Age Inquisition.

Just over 100 hours; did all the main stuff, the romance, the inner circle quests.  Didn’t get every single item, and will play it again with a proper game history (I managed to set the history to default).

Pros: Dragon Age Inquisition was a lot of fun and I will be playing it again. Based on past experiences, Bioware games on default are completely different from ones where you have a history, so there’ll be a bunch of new content, even before whatever DLC comes out.  The map problem from Dragon Age 2 was fixed.  The ending issue that some people had with Mass Effect 3 was not duplicated. The characters were a lot of fun to interact with.  The game really made me feel like I was out there building an actual Inquisition.  I had a good time.

Cons: they really need to get that patch out that fixes various combat/keyboard issues, and even with the driver workaround my game crashed often than I liked.  Other than that, not much of a problem.

So, by all means, buy it if you were thinking of doing so.

7 thoughts on “Just finished Dragon Age Inquisition.”

  1. 102 hours and still in the Hinterlands!

    But seriously – 102 hours. Still working on the Inner Circle quests with only a few of the ‘maps’ opened up.

    My biggest gripe is the Tactical Combat. I hate that the camera is tied to the map so you can never get a full overhead view (ala Baldur’s Gate)

    And hats – I’d like to be able to show hats per toon and not ‘on or off’. Bald Vivienne is not as bad-a$$ looking.

    1. Somewhere around 110 I got past the mini-boss and opened up Skyhold, now around 130. I *adore* tactical combat *EXCEPT* that problem and that the cursor only goes around the map where characters can go – which presents problems if you have archers on a higher level, for example.

      1. /EXACTLY/

        I’m positing that they had to tie the cursor to the map since I don’t think consoles are powerful enough to calculate the data necessary for a floating camera. Numerous time’s I couldn’t get my main to hit the rift point because I couldn’t /see/ it. Also – hitting the F Keys shouldn’t zoom one to that character, simply select him/her.

        Full Disclosure: I don’t console game but harbor no ill will to my console playing cousins. The more gamers the better.

  2. I ordered an Xbox One and DA:I over Thanksgiving weekend; it was at my place when I got home. Have barely started, though.

  3. I’m starting my canon playthrough of DA:O & 2 for when I get DA:I @ Christmas. Hopefully it’ll be properly patched by then, because I’m quite geeked by the reviews.

  4. Thanks for the report. I bought the PC version on Monday, and am planning to start playing it on Friday.

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