Tweet of the Day, Time To Update The Endangered Species Act? edition.

– Because we may want to add ‘state Democratic parties’ to the list*.

Mind you, I knew that this was happening. But it feels different, somehow, when you can actually see the results.

Via @AdamBaldwin.

Moe Lane

*Don’t get cocky. We’re only three bad election cycles from this happening to us, too.

4 thoughts on “Tweet of the Day, Time To Update The Endangered Species Act? edition.”

  1. I have a theory I’m working on. Its a theory that would be wildly optimistic if it were true. But its based on this gut instinct I have, and I only have federal results to base it on at the moment (I’ll have to free up some time in my life to look into record for state-level elections). Basically, my idea is that the Democratic-Republican party (that evolved into today’s Democrats) was able to dominate enough lower tier offices to starve the Federalists of a viable pool of candidates for higher office. Thus, the gradual implosion of the Federalists, who went from 57% of the House and 69% of the Senate in 1788, to 17% of the House and 18% of the Senate by 1806.

    1. I kinda left out the correlation to the present day, but it pretty much writes itself.

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