The Louisiana Runoff Election thread.

Why am I putting it up? Two reasons: one, my readers probably want to have a good chuckle when Sen. Mary Landrieu loses. Two, if a future echo of the soon-to-be-former-Senator somehow manages to open a hole in time and space in order to travel back to this timeline and change history so that she won after all… well. The least I can do is have a thread ready for my readers’ gibbering astonishment.  I’ll be doing some of that meeping myself, in fact.

Live results here.

UPDATE: Three minutes to call it.

11 thoughts on “The Louisiana Runoff Election thread.”

  1. Hmm. Some of the vote in, currently 36.5 vs 63.5 ish. She hasn’t been able to open that hole in time yet.

    Which brings up an interesting point. Suppose she gained the ability to go back in time, but could only change her actions. Would voting “No” on Obamacare change the space-time continuum enough to make her the winner of this particular race? Something else?

    1. If you consider that without her vote Obamacare never passes, yeah, that’s a pretty big rip in the continuum.

    1. You know what’s depressing? Here it is, 10:20, and almost all the results are in (3900 out of 4000 precincts reporting) and she actually got 43%.

      1. 12 percent (according to AoSHQDD around midnight) is a pretty serious crushing. She got her ass kicked hard.

          1. Somewhat different situations. Jindal won big because the previous Governor bungled the Katrina response hard. He won re-election with big numbers because the Dems effectively didn’t run a campaign to defeat him.

            Landrieu got beat about as bad as could be expected.

          2. That Landrieu did as well as she did says some of Jindal’s support is cross-aisle.
            Cassidy, should we want to *keep* this seat, would do well to poach some (be sure to check for ideology..) of her staff, specifically the ones who know how to fluff and fold the business interests that kept her campaign flush.

      2. As I said repeatedly leading up to this: incumbents are hard to defeat, particularly 3 term incumbents with a record of bringing home the bacon and a famous family name. She had a history of winning tough elections and knew how to campaign and turn out every vote she had. That was on display tonight.

  2. Oh yes, she’s so powerful she couldn’t get her Steyer Party cohorts to vote through something as trivial as a pipeline.

    It wouldn’t have saved her anyway, unless President Chinese Climate Fraud had signed it, and that’s about as likely as my typing this with Kate Upton sitting on my face.

  3. Didn’t the previous total between the two Republicans running back in the November Jungle Primary total up to around 58%?

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