Reince Priebus may have the votes to stay on as RNC chair.

This probably shouldn’t surprise anybody.

We had a great election cycle. We had, in fact, an election cycle where we exceeded expectations on pretty much every front. It’s reasonable to think that people may be unwilling to mess with that when there’s a Presidential election coming up.

Moe Lane

3 thoughts on “Reince Priebus may have the votes to stay on as RNC chair.”

  1. And now we see whether or not they can avoid screwing up the aforementioned Presidential election. I’m cautiously optimistic, I’m not sure even as bad a candidate as Romney could screw it up this time around, and I don’t think that Jeb can win the nomination. Christie? He could lose the election pretty easily, in a Presidential race he wouldn’t even carry his home state, and he’d certainly lose enough actual Red states, so let’s just hope that doesn’t happen.

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