Quote of the Day, Maybe The Commie-Hipsters* WILL Move To Havana edition.

OK, lemme break a rule and quote the Daily Beast.

If you listen to people who know nothing about anything, you’ll inevitably be told that Cuba has the best health care on the planet, despite it’s poorly remunerated and constantly defecting doctors, a lack of basic medical supplies, and a lider maximo who jets off to Spain when his life is in danger (the poor saps who believe the health care propaganda, like Castro manqué Hugo Chavez, tend to end up stuffed with newspaper, covered in wax, and on display in a mausoleum).

So it might seem odd that [Alan] Gross would have lost sight in one eye, shed almost half his body weight, and emerge from captivity with the dentition of a minor league hockey player.

The enjoyment of this was marred by the fact that Michael Moynihan, alas, couldn’t handle his hate, later on in the article. For the record: the odds that the family that ran Chick-fil-A would do anything with the Castro regime except tell Fidel to his face that Hell awaits the unrepentant sinner is… nil**.  So no need to read the whole thing.  Suffice it to say that, yeah, there’s a lot of idiots out there who romanticize Commies, and a bunch of them were a bit hyped on the Cuba thing.

Surprise, surprise…

Moe Lane

*OK. We all give hipsters grief.  But some of them are essentially harmless, and not actually bothering the rest of us. So maybe we should make finer distinctions, or something.

**I say this as a same-sex marriage supporter, mind you: demonizing opponents of SSM like that simply makes the world a little bit uglier, and for no compelling reason.