NORAD Santa Watch!

I was showing to my kids: Santa had just left Hong Kong, which gave me the opportunity to explain why a) Santa couldn’t meet with them personally and b) what China was. ┬áBusy day for St. Nick… although from his point of view, of course, it’s a busy night. Hot jets, Santa!

Moe Lane


5 thoughts on “NORAD Santa Watch!”

    1. Dude, Santa is the original Stealth Bomber. Penetration without detection in order to maximize payload on target… he wrote the book.

  1. Did you explain that because he works with the Earths rotation he gets 24hrs to deliver all the presents.

  2. I showed that to my 6-year old twins early this afternoon.
    After that, it was rare for them to go 10 minutes without pleading for updates.
    So I’m successfully training them to be blog readers. Which is nice.

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