Annnnd it’s the Ant-Man teaser trailer.

This is the movie studio equivalent of Marvel taking a fighting stance, lifting one hand up with the palm out, and wiggling its fingers in classic Come at me, bro fashion. If they make this work, nobody will ever be allowed to say a goram word to Marvel Studios, ever again. It’s very exciting.

2 thoughts on “Annnnd it’s the Ant-Man teaser trailer.”

  1. THIS is taking a fighting stance? I thought Marvel already proved they could do no wrong by making a summer blockbuster out of a group no non-geek had heard of, including two fully CGI characters…

    1. GotG was the part of the fight where the little guy in the suit looks up from his drink and casually lays a bar brawler out on the floor. A-M is the guy getting up from his drink and smiling at the brawler’s buddies.

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