Chris Gibson looking reallllly likely to run for NY-GOV in 2018.

Either Governor, or Senator.

Republican Rep. Chris Gibson of Kinderhook said Tuesday he’ll leave Congress after his current term expires and explore running for statewide office in 2018.

Gibson said in an interview he wouldn’t be able to effectively represent the 19th Congressional District while running a statewide campaign.

“If I am trying to be a statewide candidate going around 62 counties, I don’t think that in the 11 counties that comprise the district, I would be the kind of congressman they deserve,” he said.

By retiring in 2016 Gibson won’t have to worry about re-election, the NY GOP will have plenty of time to find a replacement candidate, and the Congressman will have effectively two extra years to network.  Heck, it even lets him keep his term limit promise.  As to whether Chris Gibson can win… well. I would say that Governor seems a somewhat easier path for Gibson that Senator, but both are reasonably within reach.  A multi-term Congressman would make for a much stronger candidate than perhaps New York State is used to seeing from the NY GOP lately…

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One thought on “Chris Gibson looking reallllly likely to run for NY-GOV in 2018.”

  1. Not sure if he’d necessarily be stronger. Lots of people though Lazio was strong but if anything his being a part of Congress hurt him in 2000. There is something to be said for the advantages of coming from state or local government, especially in today’s anti-DC environment.

    Gibson unlike Lazio doesn’t even come from the Suburb counties, which frankly all of NY’s successful GOP candidates in the last generation have come from. ( D’Amato Nassau Co. Pataki Westchester Co. )

    I’d also argue that Astorino wasn’t all that weak ( he had apparently poor networking skill considering the lack of support both national and within the NY GOP) but on paper he was stronger then Pataki was in 94.
    Two term county executive of critical Westchester County as opposed to a Westchester Co. based no-name State Senator.
    Gibson I believe is from Putnam County so that might be just close enough to make a difference in the Suburbs, but Astorino could probably make a good argument for being more conservative then Gibson.

    As far as Senate, I honestly cant see us winning a seat in NY unless somebody from the De Blasio wing of the Donk party primaries one of the incumbents, and that would take a genuine populist movement on the Left which won’t happen.

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