Betrayed single-payer fanatics throw temper tantrum in Vermont.

Well, it looks like single-payer fanatics in Vermont decided to take Governor Peter Shumlin’s (D) despicable apostasy from their religion lying down: “The Vermont State Police have identified the 29 protesters arrested on suspicion of unlawful trespass for ignoring orders to leave the Statehouse following a sit-in Thursday in Montpelier.”  More details here, including an unexpectedly entertaining YouTube video from “Democracy Now!” It’s very cute that DN! thinks that they’re people, in the media sense of the term; but it’s remarkable how many talking heads that that program attracts who look like they’re always ready to cringe from a blow.

Moe Lane

PS: There’s a certain amount of nega-nostalgia involved here with the aforementioned YouTube video.  Watching a couple of dozen people dutifully repeating (DUTIFULLY REPEATING) statements when there’s absolutely no practical need to (they’re inside and everybody can hear everybody else just fine) really hammers home just how ritualized the whole thing is with these people.  There’s like, zero original thinking going on here at all.