Tweets of the Day, The Choice Is That Stark edition.

So, there’s this.


So, basically, I got a choice between this:

…and, well, this.

I agree with Dan: you can have this conversation about society, but probably not while you’re running for President. Whether you should is a topic for another time; but as a practical matter, it ain’t gonna happen. Sorry about that.

6 thoughts on “Tweets of the Day, The Choice Is That Stark edition.”

    1. It’s worse.
      Huck should have stayed at Fox .. not only won’t he ever be president, he could muck things up for decent candidates and ensure we nominate a limp-{member} like Romney or Jeb, who will promptly lose to the Dem nominee.

        1. Struggling to decide who to despise more .. the Huckster and his ilk (Santorum..) or the Iowans who *keep* *buying* *their* *bullshit*…

          1. Given how much the Iowans delight on inflicting horrible candidates on us, jealously guard their imaginary prerogative to be first, and make sure the Republican primary kicks off with all candidates pledging allegiance to wasteful subsidies…
            I dislike them more than slimy and greasy.

      1. Huck’s just being blocking fullback for Jeb Bush. He’s going to attack Romney from the Right and pave the way for Jeb. he’ll nullify Santorum and Cruz’s Iowa campaigns, which can only help Jeb, or maybe Rand Paul.

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