Remember convicted sex fiend Del. Joe Morrissey (D, VA)? Guess what they didn’t tell you!

I was going along, minding my own business: just trying to get my coffee in on an up-too-early Saturday morning.  Then I hit this sentence about the problems the Democratic caucus in the Virginia legislature is having with one of its members having been convicted of sleeping with his 17 year old receptionist (bolding mine): “There was a racial undercurrent to some of the arguments made at the meeting, the participants said, given that [Joe] Morrissey and a majority of the General Assembly are white, and the 17-year-old at the heart of his conviction is black, as is a majority of his Richmond-area legislative district.”

…Whoa, whoa, whoa. She was what? Are you telling me that a white guy with a history of predating on women got convicted of a sex crime involving his underage, African-American receptionist, and nobody in the media thought to mention that minor fact? Despite the fact that this is practically textbook behavior for sexual predators in positions of authority? Feminists should be out there, marching and screaming for this man’s head; Del. Morrissey is perilously close to being their collective nightmare when it comes to sex and power imbalances.

But apparently the ‘D’ after Joe Morrissey’s name washes away sins.  Or at least, it buys a heck of a lot of forbearance from certain activist groups. It certainly helps when you need to obscure key details on a scandal for as long as humanly possible.  Seriously: the fact that this is first I – somebody who actually has been following the story – have heard of this demonstrates, point-blank, that the media fell down on the job.  Again. “And again and again and again and again.”

Via Instapundit and Powerline.

Moe Lane (crosspost)

PS: To their credit, there are a number of Democratic state legislators that are as horrified as I am that Joe Morrissey thinks that he can blithely keep his seat. I wish them luck trying to convince the rest of their caucus of that, but I am not holding my breath waiting for it to happen. I also wish that they’ll note all the other people in the Virginia House of Delegates who have the same horrified looks on their faces…

PPS: Joe Morrissey, by the way, is one of those guys who thinks that you can safely brandish a gun like a prop while hectoring others about the dangers of firearms. It was so bad in that particular case that a Republican state legislator had to suppress his natural instinct to stay behind cover when facing a purblind idiot waving a gun about, in order make Morrissey take his danged finger out of the trigger guard. I don’t know if Todd Gilbert ever got formally thanked for that, but he should have been; the man was running the risk, ever so slightly, of getting accidentally shot…

7 thoughts on “Remember convicted sex fiend Del. Joe Morrissey (D, VA)? Guess what they didn’t tell you!”

  1. “the media fell down on the job. Again. “And again and again and again and again.” ”
    Like the guy who committed suicide by hitting himself in the head with a hammer….37 times

  2. this sounds so much like a partial plot outline for one of those steamy pre-civil-war movies… i know being a Dem covers a lot of sins, but this many?? and the black community is saying not a thing about it apparently… not even the minsters. amazing.

    1. Do the ministers have some alternative media to pull this factoid out of?
      The media buried it, the ministers do not know…
      We can’t claim hypocrisy until they remain on their asses after the truth is out.

  3. I take a slightly different view here. I’m not sure how race is relevant in this. Of course, had it been a Republican involved, the media would certainly think it was. And THAT is the problem. Well, the problem in the reporting, anyway. That’s quite aside from the problem of Democrat legislators sticking their man-parts where they don’t belong.

  4. This can’t possibly be true. I Googled the NPR website and there’s nothing on this. NOTHING. EVER.

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