I am not a lawyer, nor am I advising Sheldon Silver. :pause: BUT…

…if I was advising Sheldon Silver and the subject of him trading testimony to the feds in exchange for immunity / a reduced sentence came up, this would be my advice.

Come on, Shelly.  You’re seventy years old.  You wanna spend the rest of your life in jail?  – Because you know all the good stories. Democrat, Republican, WFP, Liberal, Conservative, Independent, The Rent Is Too Damn High… lots of fingers, lots of pies, and the feds have plenty of video recorders. This could be your moment to be remembered forever.

10 thoughts on “I am not a lawyer, nor am I advising Sheldon Silver. :pause: BUT…”

  1. He’s 70 as you said, people have a way of dying quite suddenly at that age. Be shocked if he lived long enough to talk

    1. THIS times 1000. At this level of the Great Game, the stakes are higher. The number of people who have had tragic accidents at coincidental times is very high in certain Democrat circles. Also in Argentina, I understand.

      1. Sen. Hooper never made it from Lansing to Detroit to speak with the Feds, being found in his car with both well-ventilated.

        Perhaps the Justice Department recalls that little incident.

        1. Sheldon Silver should spill fast, loud, early, and in front of many witnesses while under oath. It would be the healthiest thing to do.

  2. It would be funny if he implicates Hillary and the Dems get stuck without a front runner going into 2016. One can only hope.

      1. Heh, go right ahead, with the third, fourth and seventy seventh and so on,as well, he’s still a blithering idiot, no matter how many times you look. Democrats will vote for him if he’s the nominee, but… blithering idiot.

        1. Look, Obama has bern so terrible there needs to be a pallet cleanser.. the smarter Dems know it. 2016 is when you let the mark win a little pot (nominee Joe Biden/Wasserface-Schultz/Fauxcohauntis) to ensure they’ll go all in on the next big pot, eh?
          So… if Cuomo’s doomed and if Bubba really was up to his wedding tackle in the Brit sex scandal, then … who’s gonna be the mark?

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