Sen. Bernie Sanders (Socialist, Vermont) not wild about the Democrats’ brand for his 2016 bid.

I find I don’t really care one way or the other how Bernie Sanders runs: “Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders is under intense pressure to run for president as a Democrat and not as a “spoiler” independent who could undercut support for the eventual nominee, according to several progressives.” …because either way it all ends in recriminations and tears for the progressive Left. If Bernie Sanders runs as a Democrat, he will be destroyed in the primary election by the Democratic establishment; and if he runs as an independent, he will be destroyed in the general election by the Democratic establishment.  The Democratic party’s path to victory is sufficiently narrow* that they cannot afford even a traditional Nader-level of ineffectual third-party shenanigans; Bernie Sanders is a luxury that the Left should not indulge in… and yet, they will.

That is amusing.  And I have no sympathy at all for Senator Sanders: he is, after all, as close to a Communist that one can be in this country and still plausibly manage to pretend that one is still a proper American. He’s also going to be 75 in 2016.  Does the Left have anybody under the age of 55 who can realistically run for President? – And don’t say ‘Martin O’Malley:’ I specifically said realistically.

Moe Lane

*I know, the media keeps saying otherwise.  This is the same media whose members either scratch their heads at the sight of the phrase ‘reversion to the mean,’ or else immediately declare said phrase to be thoughtcrime – and then send it right down the memory hole.

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  1. I was going to rattle off Beshear (KY-GOV) and Kitzhaber (OR-GOV) and Inslee (WA-GOV) but .. they’re all over 60…
    I’ll say this .. I’m sure there are a *lot* of younger Dems who’d love to run .. but who haven’t been able to get the Pelosi-era fossils (see the aforementioned) *out of their way*.

    1. Al Sharpton’s 60 as well.

      Of course, if the Democrats could stomach someone who’s pro-life, Chris Christie would be a natural fit, and he qualifies…

          1. Well Crist and Jeb are both over 55, but not by much. So they’re probably close enough for government work, especially if the Democrats are doing the measuring.
            So there you have it Moe, the prospective young-ish Democratic nominees – Christie, Crist and Jeb Bush. The first two, Christie/Crist would even make a good Pres/VP combination, kinda just flows off of the tongue. Christie and Jeb would probably have to have to convert to pro-choice late in life, much like Romney went the other direction for much the same reasons, I think Crist’s already there?

        1. Chelsea Clinton will become eligible a month from today. And she’s at least as qualified for the position as her mother is — with no mistakes to criticize!
          Chel-sea! Chel-sea! Chel-sea!

  2. “*I know, the media keeps saying otherwise.”

    The media does like a good fight (much like ESPN loves an athlete acting assininely) so it is hard to say that the media would do other than promote the fight. What with passions split between their approved candidates and all of that.

  3. Skip – Please.
    Crist could not reinvent himself in Florida.
    Christie has put the backs up of too many Democrat constituency groups.
    Bush is a Bush and the Democrat party that would be nominating him would be admitting they were a stray dog in the hands of PETA.
    To play on a theme – if the Westminster Kennel Club was doing politics the Democrat entries are looking long in the tooth and in desperate need of a flea-bath.

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