Quote of the Day, This @SeanTrende Post Is Not Actually Alarming edition.

It should be, but it’s not. Sean Trende:

In 2016, Democrats have as their likely nominee possibly the single strongest candidate for putting the old Democratic coalition back together again. I think with an adequately strong economy and a campaign founded in progressive centrism[*], Hillary Clinton could very well put together a broader coalition than Obama’s, and a victory that eclipses his. Whether her party allows her to run such a campaign is probably the most important question of 2015; this book[**] explains why.

…And the reason is simple: the Democratic party will not allow Hillary Clinton to run such a campaign. The party elite may love Bill Clinton as an administrator, but their base will not tolerate being told that they will have to revert back to 1993-style ideological levels (i.e., move sharply to the Right).  It’s going to be interesting to see how far they make it through the primary without anybody going furniture-chewing crazy.

Moe Lane

*Essentially, a kinder, gentler progressivism. Progressivism with a human face. Compassionate progressivism. …Have I given enough examples to give my largely Righty audience an idea why the Democratic base kind of hates that term?

**The Emerging Democratic Majority. I should note that Sean Trende has a much more favorable opinion than me on the use of this book.  That’s a problem, because Sean is smarter than I am on this topic.

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  1. As I said earlier it will be entertaining watching the center Left try to keep the hard Left locked up in the attic over the next 18 months. Because Lord knows that Hillary isn’t really good at the retail politics of holding a coalition together.

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