The Netflix ‘Daredevil’ trailer.

Be interesting to see if they can pull this off.

Netflix will just be dumping the whole thing out at once; all thirteen episodes will be available April 10th. I honestly have no idea if that’s going to work, or not. I’m not even sure that I know enough about this kind of video-on-demand scheduling to even really appreciate the question. I do know that this show actually looks pretty sweet. Not that I’m caught up on all the other shows that I should be watching right now…

4 thoughts on “The Netflix ‘Daredevil’ trailer.”

  1. Now that binge-watching is a thing, dumping it all online at once makes .. sense.
    We can go weeks without watching a given show, even one we really like, then .. pop some popcorn and make a night of catching up. Their release schedule for this appears to simply acknowledge that reality.

  2. I am very, very, VERY on board with this.
    Now, can it break the Marvel curse of TV shows sucking? Will DC counter with movies that don’t suck?

  3. Marvel shows suck? I love shield, and agent carter. past that, when was the last time there was a marvel show? The Hulk?

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