Tweet of the Day, I REFUSE To Stop Using White People Jokes edition.

It’s a matter of principle.

Because I’ll tell you: after watching a certain flavor of progressive do stuff like this, I have really and truly come to a genuine appreciation of the shaken head, and the mused Man. White people. I will not give this up. You can’t make me give this up.  I will not be shamed into giving it up.  Accept that.

Moe Lane

4 thoughts on “Tweet of the Day, I REFUSE To Stop Using White People Jokes edition.”

  1. For the record, I would be disappointed if you did give it up.
    You two-legged people crack me up.

  2. It isn’t just ‘white people’ – they are themselves a caricature of ‘white people circa 1959. And even in 1959 white people did not look like that.

    My mom’s family were Anglo-Saxon Episcopalian upper-middle class/lower-upper class white people. And there were none of them that looked like that back then. It’s like looking at a high school play and the actors trying to think ‘what do white people look like?’* Good God.

    *Me; I go Eddie Bauer for the really timeless look – never relevant or fashionable, but always in style. Otherwise dark suit, white shirt, dark tie – the uniform which is hard to screw up.

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