David Brock resigns from a pro-Hillary PAC as only David Brock can.

Which is to say, in a fashion that would make a lesser man than me mutter “clinical paranoia:”

David Brock on Monday abruptly resigned from the board of the super PAC Priorities USA Action, revealing rifts that threaten the big-money juggernaut being built to support Hillary Clinton’s expected presidential campaign.

In a resignation letter obtained by POLITICO, Brock, a close Clinton ally, accused Priorities officials of planting “an orchestrated political hit job” against his own pro-Clinton groups, American Bridge and Media Matters.

The orchestrated political hit job? Well… the New York Times noted that American Bridge and Media Matters pays veteran Democratic fundraiser Mary Pat Bonner a fundraising commission of 12.5%*… oh, my God. DAVID BROCK IS LITERALLY PAYING MARY BONNER PIECES OF EIGHT, MATEY! PIECES OF EIGHT! And now David Brock has given the Black Spot to those scurvy scalawags at Priorities USA, by the powers! He’ll see them shipped and sank, yes, sank all the way to Davey Jones’ locker, where the crabs and the lobsters can dine on their livers and lights! W’ a curse! ARRRR!

…Look, it’s just as coherent as what David Brock actually said.  And considerably more, ah, reality-based. I just wish that this story had broken in time for the September holiday season…

Via Byron York.

Moe Lane

*I… don’t actually understand why reporting that would make David Brock cook off, either.  It is almost certainly too high a commission, but the only way to make sure a politician gets all of your money is to directly hand it to him or her, and you would not believe how freaked out the feds get if they even think that you were about to try that…

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  1. I still want to follow through on my plan of buzzing his office with a RC helicopter that has an obvious cam attached to it. Just so I can watch the freak out.

        1. I would be proud to be part of that plan.

          BTW – has anyone noted how many Lefties (and their various totem-people) seem to be mentally or emotionally damaged?

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