Kitzhaber Meltdown Watch: there goes his Chief of Staff!

Oregon is having a moment, isn’t it?

I know, I know: Kitzhaber’s replacement will be worse. But on the other hand, Oregon’s been managing to avoid having open progressives – open the way that Kate Brown is open about it – formally run its state government for quite a while now. Looks like they’re gonna get three years of precisely that…

7 thoughts on “Kitzhaber Meltdown Watch: there goes his Chief of Staff!”

  1. Anything that pees in their soup and makes them stir it frantically lest anyone taste the ‘seasoning’ is a good thing.

    Let us pray she’s got a problem too.

    1. some states are laboratories of democracy. some are open sewers of progressiveism. let’s hope the good people of Oregon learn which is which.

      1. Please note that Oregon is … experiencing an influx of individuals leaving other .. open sewers.
        Whether these .. refugees is too strong, displaced semi-capitalists? .. anyway, whether these people know enough to *vote their class interest* will be fascinating to watch.

  2. And just for the record:

    The L and G part there’s enough human history to indicate that there’s a genetic component to it, whether or not you’re prepared to consider it ‘normal’ it is well within the historic range of human experience.

    B means ‘I just like to be groped and I’ve gotten over the part where you think it’s yucky if someone with the same chromosome does it.’ It’s not genetic, it’s recreational. Hey, there’s people who get a kick out of separating their compostables from their garbage, too. Humanity ain’t an easy thing to understand sometimes.

    T means ‘We’re weird but we managed to get our surgically-altered caboose hooked onto the LG (and maybe B) train so *there* nyaah nyaah nyaah’.

  3. Open progressives are better than closet progressives – you know what you’re getting. And then when all of the theories impact on the hard wall of reality – like all progressive theories do – it is better to have the responsible parties correctly labeled.

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