House Democrats in 2015 suddenly worried about tax hike that they refused to stop in 2014.


Three senior House members [Sander Levin (Michigan), Jim McDermott (Washington), and Lloyd Doggett (Texas)] told The Associated Press that they plan to strongly urge the administration to grant a special sign-up opportunity for uninsured taxpayers who will be facing fines under the law for the first time this year.


In light of the heavy burden being imposed by the health law on people struggling in a weak economy, it’s worth remembering that less than a year ago, the House of Representatives voted on legislation to defer these penaltiesThe vote was 250-160 in favor of a delay, with the vast majority of House Democrats voting to impose these penalties rather than defer them. And the three House leaders who are now concerned that the process is unfair – Representatives Doggett, Levin, and McDermott – all voted against putting the penalties off for one year.

In case you were still wondering whether Democrats really thought that they were keeping the Senate last year… yeah, they apparently really believed that. Which is fascinating, really.  [brightly] Also: stupid!

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    1. Now that I got that out, what our 2016 candidates should be saying is,

      We know you got a raw deal from the previous tenants, and we’re sorry about that. We’re going to make the transition to the new system as quick and painless as possible, but rest assured we’ll do away with the mess out there now and create a system that not only gives you many choices but is also truly affordable.

      Democrats are always saying that the government should not be involved in your personal medical decisions, and that such decisions should be between you and your doctor. In the case of obtaining healthcare insurance, we strongly agree.

    2. *bows*
      Well played.
      Your below suggestion is also excellent, and would be so much more fun to watch if it could also lampshade “between a woman and her doctor”…

  1. “To everything…
    (defer, defer)
    (defer, defer)
    Because it hurts us
    Everyway under Heaven.”

  2. N.B.: To all who are despairing about the reach of the federal government –

    The Sun Also Rises; The Tide Turns…
    And to quote Col. Peters: “The Shah Always Falls.”

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