Wait. What is Sen. Tammy Baldwin (D, Wisconsin) so worried about?

Yeah. Calling in the high-powered lawyer isn’t a sign of anything wrong.  Nope, not at all.

U.S. Sen. Tammy Baldwin is finally speaking out about her decision to fire a staffer over the problems at the troubled Tomah VA Medical Center.

Or at least her nationally renowned Democratic attorney [Marc Elias] has issued a statement defending the move last month to oust Marquette Baylor, ex-deputy state director for Baldwin and chief of her Milwaukee office.


Baldwin’s office sat for months on an inspection report that found officials at the Tomah medical center were prescribing high amounts of opiate pain pills to patients. She began calling for a federal investigation only after news reports ran in January showing that as many as three vets died after receiving treatment at Tomah.

As the Washington Free Beacon notes, we last saw Marc Elias in 2014, helping to put together a scenario that turned ‘independent’ Kansas Senate candidate Greg Orman into the only real opposition against Republican incumbent Pat Roberts.  That Sen. Roberts turned out to be significantly less beleaguered than he appeared is irrelevant to this discussion; Mr. Elias was just there to make things legal.  Or at least legal enough.  That he’s here now fixing things up for Senator Baldwin is… interesting.

Very, very interesting.  I mean, Tammy Baldwin isn’t even up for reelection until 2018. Four years is a long time for a Senate scandal to remain relevant: so what has national Democrats so nervous about this one?


3 thoughts on “Wait. What is Sen. Tammy Baldwin (D, Wisconsin) so worried about?”

  1. Why so nervous?
    (1) She’s not waiting for things to get really bad before bringing in the big guns;
    (2) Things are really that bad; she sat on the report and fired the staffer over it – and the staffer has a lot of dirt to divulge on other things and has a grudge to polish to a high shine.
    (3) Something else.

  2. We can figure out why there’s smoke after the fact, *that* there’s smoke means we should be digging in and get the fire out in the open.

  3. Baylor probably has a bunch of dirt on her, perhaps workplace harassment, according to her lawsuit she was sued for being straight. The burden of proof will heavier for a straight versus gay discrimination lawsuit.
    So I’m assuming Baylor actually has some proof, perhaps instances of outright hostility from Baldwin.
    Which wouldn’t play well in Wisconsin.

    Or She has some information of illegal happenings under the good Senator.

    Either way hopefully this will soften Baldwin up for Ryan ( or whoever runs against her) in 2018.

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