How Debbie Wasserman Schultz* Taught the Left To Be Utter Cynics.

  • Shot: “Democratic National Committee Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s office offered to change her position on medical marijuana if a major Florida donor recanted his withering criticism of her, according to emails obtained by POLITICO. The proposal to Orlando trial lawyer John Morgan was straightforward: retract critical statements he made to a reporter in return for Wasserman Schultz publicly backing his cannabis initiative that she had trashed just months earlier.”
  • Chaser: “The free-market-promoting Competitive Enterprise Institute receives funding from the drug lobby. When an issue arises where the drug lobby’s position is at odds with the Institute’s stated principles of free enterprise, the Institute sides with free enterprise instead of with their donor. …It says something about the way the Left works, perhaps, that a liberal magazine [Mother Jones] finds this odd.”

Timothy Carney went on to note that, at both of the think tanks that he worked at, both organizations were “very clear that their donors don’t get to influence the policies advocated by scholars. That’s the way any reputable think tank works. [Stephanie] Mencimer [the author of the Mother Jones piece] seems to think there’s something wrong with this.” Well, of course Stephanie Mencimer would think that there’s something wrong with this! Look at the examples that are most immediate to her!  The DNC chair herself was ready to flip on an issue, if that’s what it took to keep her job – and make no mistake, this is about Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s job. After the utter debacle of 2014 the woman’s once-bright political career is in serious danger. But a Senate bid could repair her fortunes – if she won.

Against all of that, what’s a piddling little position on medical pot?

Moe Lane

PS: Sweet, merciful God: I might not have been able to process this, if it had happened.

The universe would not have been able to sustain that much schadenfreude.

*There are others, of course.  So many, many others…

10 thoughts on “How Debbie Wasserman Schultz* Taught the Left To Be Utter Cynics.”

  1. The Florida AG’s office, and the US Attorney’s office have no received their ‘go’ orders. They cannot ignore this; not without a lot of questions addressed to them. And if they will fall on their swords to support this one politician whose office just announced this nationally?

    Ma’am – you just got set-up and now (unless you want to open your files soon* and nationally) you are gone.

    *Poison pills can take many forms; spreading your files wide and far while asking forgiveness is a classic way of getting revenge.

    The Democrats want her dead politically (and likely physically) so spreading the news far and wide is her best insurance – and if not, revenge.

  2. Politico is painting a rosy picture, but honestly there is no way in heck after the pot allegations that DWS can win statewide in Florida. Certainly not if Rubio is running.

    1. i think a Crist/Debbie run at the statehouse would be loads of fun. and neither has anything left to lose at this point….

  3. Laughter is a process.
    Can you imagine how that would have shattered the democrat’s base? It’s not like Obama has any credible defense against the charge. It’s not like he could charge her with incompetence without it reflecting badly on himself. And it isn’t like the inner city population that most identifies with Obama has any great affection for Jews and Israel.

    1. Forget Israel!

      This has her staffers hawking her vote in the market – she has to disavow her staffers or she just committed a crime.*

      *A legislator selling support for a bill is….

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