Gov. Tom Wolf’s (D, Pennsylvania) Supreme Court pick’s racially insensitive email.

Basically, Tom Wolf just can’t catch a break.  Unless he caught it on his chin, maybe:

One of Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf’s nominees for the state Supreme Court from Central Pennsylvania may have forwarded a racially insensitive email to 22 people.

The 2013 Christmas greeting card depicts a black man in an orange jumpsuit, sitting behind a glass prison partition, talking on the phone with a black woman outside the glass. “Merry Christmas from the Johnsons,” the card says.

Thomas K. Kistler, the president judge of Centre County Common Pleas Court, could not be reached.

Go figure. Does the man regret running for Governor, at this point? – Because he’s apparently one of God’s Six Fish right now.

Via @SalenaVito.

3 thoughts on “Gov. Tom Wolf’s (D, Pennsylvania) Supreme Court pick’s racially insensitive email.”

  1. It seems the immediate thing, about a year and a half in, for any administration, is to vigorously root out corruption. It will be there and – since these are your friends and they are human* – they will abuse their offices. A vigorous and *effective* campaign against corruption will make the second term much easier to bear. Get it in early, very early. You will find the hopelessly corrupt and you will frighten the easily-tempted. Just an idea.

    *So far as I know.

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