Oh, God, not *another* winter storm.

Here we go…

…Wait a second.

WAIT A SECOND. Can it be?


YES! YES, IT IS! Freedom! Blessed, blessed freedom. It’ll all go somewhere else for a change. “Oh frabjous day! Calooh, callay! – he chortled in his joy.”

8 thoughts on “Oh, God, not *another* winter storm.”

    1. I spoke too soon. Forecast is now for up to 4 inches of snow tomorrow, up to 3 inches of snow tomorrow night. If Atlanta actually does get 7 inches of snow, nobody will be going anywhere until the weekend at the earliest. 7 inches of snow here is like 7 feet of snow north of the Mason-Dison line.

  1. I’ll gladly take your snow if you take the sub-zero temps we’ve been getting. I haven’t seen 20 below zero temps since I was a little kid until this year.

    1. Yeah, on that sub-zero stuff…

      Alright, this is no joke – could whoever ticked off Elsa just go and apologize already?

  2. Well that’s just super. I hope it is past Lansing by Sunday afternoon when we have to get our stuff out of the boat show.

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