…Actually, I see a blue and gold dress.

Yeah, this dress.


Blue and gold.  Although I can see why one guy here said blue and orange. Either one makes immediate sense to me. I must have weird eyes, or something.

18 thoughts on “…Actually, I see a blue and gold dress.”

    1. Well there is Navy Blue & Gold. 🙂

      When I saw this on the net yesterday, my first interpretation was blue and brown. Only seeing the gold now in the various despictions.

  1. So I was a bit tired last night and I turned in early. My daughter was out but texted me a picture of this dress (that I assumed she was looking at in some store) and asked me what color it was (black and blue, why is this even a question?) and said she was arguing with her friends about what color it was. I didn’t give it any further thought and went to sleep. Then I get up this morning and eventually check my twitter feed and Moe Lane is asking what color this dress is that (I assumed) my daughter was looking at last night.


  2. Huge argument with the oldest daughter, but it was about the hue of blue. She saw dark blue, the rest of us saw a sky-blue-ish. The actual color of the dress *is* dark blue, but the picture is washed out, so….

  3. Look at the background, not at the dress. The photograph is so badly overexposed that the question of “true” color is pretty much meaningless.

  4. looks white and gold to me, and I can’t for the life of me see how people can tell that its actually blue and black from this photo. if you gave me 100 guesses i would never guess that

  5. This has to be an issue with screens, when I saw this on Moes site at work the dress was blue/black. Now on my iPad at home, it looks white and gold

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