It is like winter is a freaking ZOMBIE, here.

I’m scheduled to get another six to eight inches, tomorrow.  I feel like the hero in a zombie flick trying to pry a damned persistent shambling corpse off of the truck tailgate as we accelerate away from the herd of the Undead.  This is supposed to be a swamp! A foul, fetid, fuming, foggy, filthy… no, wait, that’s Philadelphia.

Anyway, I’d settle for some global warming right now. I surely would.

4 thoughts on “It is like winter is a freaking ZOMBIE, here.”

  1. As a Texan who never gets to see snow unless he hunts in Colorado or New Mexico, I have no sympathy. Snow is great, easy tracking, easily read blood spoor, and no global whiners in sight. What’s not to like?

  2. What’s not to like?

    My outside thermometer right now is reading -6.

    That’s six below.

    That’s almost fifty degrees colder than most people’s refrigerators.

    The dang dog won’t go outside to pee. He’s just going to sit there holding it in until things warm up.

    My car’s tires are going to have that flat spot across their bottoms for at least five miles until they thaw and soften. Bump bump bump bump bump . . .

    Sure, the snow’s pretty. But you can’t see it once your eyeball surfaces freeze. It’s just a whiter blur than usual.

    Pray for Global Warming.

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