Breaking: Right to Work has passed in Wisconsin.

First news, via Dan Spencer:

62-35, according to the linked tweet.  The AP has since confirmed, noting rather primly that the right to work bill passed without Democratic support. Which, of course, suits everybody involved.

Moving on: the right to work bill will be signed Monday. Expect the usual screaming over the weekend. Just not… as intense as in the past, alas. Perhaps the Activist Left has learned a harsh, yet valuable, lesson on the merits of knowing when they’ve been whipped back to their kennels? I would have guessed ‘no,’ but I suppose that pain really is a wonderful teaching tool.

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7 thoughts on “Breaking: Right to Work has passed in Wisconsin.”

  1. “Perhaps the Activist Left has learned a harsh, yet valuable, lesson…”
    Have they ever learned? If anything, the Activist Left will view this as a type of religious persecution (and by religious, I mean how the Left views themselves as bearers of light and truth, whereas sane people view Progressive Ideology as a perverse and dangerous religion).

    1. Short of an implosion of epic proportions Walker has it. I’m sort of disappointed as I was hoping for a spirited debate between him and Jindal ( They are my top 2)

  2. The Activist Left sees DiBlasio as the model, and they’re so fixated on that model that they are prepared to ignore that they’re losing all the states not dominated by a mass urban vote.

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