Headline of the Day, @Allahpundit Got It All In One Shot edition.

I speak as a professional: this, my friends, is some quality headlining. Sums it all up, and leaves you simultaneously understanding it, and going …Wait. What?


As to the message… well. ┬áCarvilles gonna Carville. I’ll say this for the guy: he’s always ready to go down swinging.

6 thoughts on “Headline of the Day, @Allahpundit Got It All In One Shot edition.”

  1. Translation: “Comrades, you are not being politically reliable on this false issue. Are you a joyful member of the collective or are you a running dog lackey of the Walker-Cruz-Bush GOP cabal?”

    1. That was my initial translation as well .. I have since revised it to include a nod at “revealing the hollow shell of Hillary’s campaign too early”. Otherwise, agreed.

  2. Carville is bat$#!+ crazy. how he ever ever got Mary to hook up with him is beyond me.

    1. I contend that he’s not crazy, but rather is simply following his prior set out business model to get the Clintons to give him more money.
      Carville isn’t crazy, he is pandering to crazy. Which Obama and the Clintons have turned into a art form. ( Code Pink being perhaps the largest public organization of crazy easily led Democrats)

      Alex Jones is similar, the man isn’t crazy himself, and I highly doubt he believes his own BS, but he’s fairly good at convincing crazy people to send him money.

  3. It’s a pity that the core issue of security is not being reported, but then the legacy MSM are pretty much Luddites.

    This sums up the issue , either the govt set up the link, (one assumes that communications at the Clinton Chappaqua home are under control of the Secret Service) or the server was on the public internet thusly totes unsecured, which might explain why Madame Secretary was so ineffectual.

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