So, circle ‘May 24’ for a potential hostage crisis in North Korea.

This is not actually good news.

Making a dramatic statement in Korean relations, Gloria Steinem and other prominent women on Wednesday announced their intention to walk across the demilitarized zone between North and South Korea to call for reunification.


Organizers of the effort called on Wednesday said they hope for 30 women, including two Nobel Peace laureates, to cross from North Korea to South Korea on May 24, which is International Women’s Day for Disarmament.

No, hear me out.  I mean, I understand that Gloria Steinem and the rest of her crowd haven’t quite understood that the Kingdom of North Korea is crazy and unpredictable; and that said Kingdom might very well decide that Ms. Steinem’s attempts to contact North Korean women is clearly espionage that must result in her arrest. I also understand that many people will mutter Jump in the shark tank with a cut foot, expect to be bitten upon reading this.  Still, I wouldn’t sign off on having a confessed prisoner on Death Row be taken hostage by the North Koreans.

Plus, the Kingdom of North Korea is, again, crazy and unpredictable.  They might decide that this is all the start of an invasion, and then start shelling Seoul.

Moe Lane

9 thoughts on “So, circle ‘May 24’ for a potential hostage crisis in North Korea.”

  1. Communist pos, that being said I don’t want NK to make her a martyr, I’d rather Steinem descended into dotage then become some sort of standard bearer for the troskyists ( who are just as bad as the Stalinists, but the Media likes to pretend otherwise).

  2. Maybe the ROK will deny them entry…wouldn’t that justt be an awful shame?
    You’re a kind soul, Moe. I say strand their worthless butts in crazy-land.

    1. Well, much as I hate to say it, we clearly must get them out if they are taken. Of course that will require between 90 and 120 days of preparation before we do, but we need to do it thiss fall.

  3. Or, they are taken hostage and Obama gives them everything they want including the fur lined sink to get them back. :/

  4. Why is it that Korean Unification talk always features ROK bending the knee to their crazy cousins?
    As to Steiniem, if Kim Jong Un wants her, he can have her. They can talk about all the things they have in common.
    And no, I don’t favor making a single move to get her back.

  5. to walk across the demilitarized zone between North and South Korea to call for reunification.

    Just in passing, I would like to bring up the point that the DMZ is the most heavily sown with land mines [from both sides] patch of ground in the world. Aside from standard mines, bouncing bettys, etc.; if they can read the words “Front Towards Enemy” in either English or Korean, life is about to get exciting.

    I admit to being in the school that is less than enthused about rescue or ransom. It would be a unique experiment to see if Leftists could actually learn if exposed to consequences for their actions. However, if the trip is to be done, then let us go whole hog, and send the most powerful woman in our country with them. I’m pretty sure that they will already be more than familiar with her as North Korea, along with every other country with a hacking capability, has read all of her emails as Secretary of State.

  6. I’m sorry Moe, but I have to disagree with you on this one. Some people only learn their lesson after they pee on the electric fence. There are plenty of warnings and outright examples of what happens to people who get snapped up by North Korea. If Gloria and her friends want to believe that they have some kind of holy protection despite all of that, then let them learn the hard way. She and her crew can wait until we have grown ups in charge to get them out.

  7. Isn’t the Korean DMZ the one place on Earth we could’ve deployed fabled atomic landmines?

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