So ‘Rahmbo’ needs GOP help to survive? …How *delightful*.

Rahm Emanuel:

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel is about as partisan a Democrat as there is in this country. But to win a second term and avoid a humiliating defeat, he’ll need to win over and turn out the small number of Republicans in the city.

I have a suggested response:

…which, alas, will probably not be the actual one. Still. At least he’ll crawl a little for GOP support. You take what you can get, in Chicago.

Via Hot Air Headlines.

2 thoughts on “So ‘Rahmbo’ needs GOP help to survive? …How *delightful*.”

  1. Perfect quote.
    For those not familiar with the way the outhouse rats in Chicago scurry, the reason the Godfather will get the support is the rest of Cook County is “Republican” .. in the sense that they put “Republican” on their letterhead and on the ballots, so .. sorta like Ron Paul .. only without any trace of conservatism in ’em.
    So .. this will tip some power over to the Cook County “GOP” .. which is probably a net good. More importantly, it reduces the Godfathers’ power .. which is a definite good.

  2. Look. Rahm put in radar speed cameras.

    This is so fundamentally criminal, such a base act of literal highway robbery that if I were a Chicago resident I’d vote for Worm #232 in Dick Daley Sr’s coffin before I’d vote for Rahm.

    Sorry, but as far as I’m concerned radar speed cameras is about as bad as buggering middle-schoolers. Unless he’s prepared to personally eat every last one of them with a dash of Tabasco he can go straight to hell.

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