Al Gore fails the Democrats for perhaps the final time.

Death of a dream, as Hot Air‘s Allahpundit would have said if he had written the HA post that I got this link from. Death of a dream:

Former Vice President Al Gore is having a moment – but he’s not running for president.

Despite a spate of recent media attention about the 2000 Democratic presidential nominee potentially challenging Hillary Clinton in 2016, those close to him tell msnbc it’s not happening.

…Not that Al Gore was any more likely than Hillary Clinton is to actually eke out a win in 2016.  But if he had run then the Democrats might have been able to allow themselves the addictive luxury of false hope. Instead, they get to run Hillary Clinton.


3 thoughts on “Al Gore fails the Democrats for perhaps the final time.”

  1. He finally discovered his one skill. Bilking liberal idiots out of their hard earned cash. He was never good at anything else.

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