Tweet of the Day, I Got Nothing That Beats This edition.

This is A Thing Of Beauty.

…I used to be able to spell, you know.  Once. Before they invented word processors.

4 thoughts on “Tweet of the Day, I Got Nothing That Beats This edition.”

  1. The problem is that autocorrect is so often preposterously inaccurate. I have a spreadsheet program that, when I entered 2/3/2015, insisted on “correcting” it to ⅔/2015. Fortunately a small matter to find out how to turn that off, but still an annoyance that it was even an issue.

    1. That should be ⅔/2015, I guess your blog software isn’t taking any chances interpreting html entities? :-p

    2. Nope. If autocorrect were often inaccurate, then no one would use it. It’s correct so often that the inaccuracies stand out and are jarring.

      1. It’s slightly more complex than that .. autocorrect has a limited dictionary (think .. by definition .. and does just fine so long as the author isn’t using more esoteric terminology.
        The minute someone displays a grad-school vocabulary, autocorrect sucks.

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