Buried lede: Comedy Central expects Republicans to win in 2016.

You don’t load up a guy like this to replace Jon Stewart if you’re expecting four more years of a Democrat.

On Monday, Comedy Central announced that South African comedian Trevor Noah would be replacing Jon Stewart as host of The Daily Show. To get a feel for Noah’s brand of humor, one could simply watch his debut on the fake news show in December of 2014, when he jokingly declared that present-day America had worse race relations than Apartheid South Africa.

Watch the clip, over at Newsbusters. The clip shows a comic whose routine would be pure ratings death during a new Democratic administration.  But it’ll knock the liberals dead during a new Republican one.

Moe Lane

PS: What? Well, of course the guy is a schmuck. Wait, you were expecting anything else? I can’t even get mad over it, sorry. I do, however, suspect that Comedy Central will wonder why they’re not generating as much buzz on that show as they used to do…

7 thoughts on “Buried lede: Comedy Central expects Republicans to win in 2016.”

  1. I’ll take the under on him lasting a year. Stewart at least has some charisma, and a certain comedic timing.


    If this clip is representative, this guy’s an empty suit once you get past the “ha, ha, you guys are racist” shtick. If he doesn’t grow an actual sense of humor real quick, ratings for TDS are gonna fall through the floor pretty much as soon as he takes over.

  2. He’s not funny though. I mean Stewart has become unfunny. But at least he got a few laughs, and at one time ( before the Daily Show) he was funny.
    This dude is like watching paint dry. And if he tells anymore anti-semetic jokes I suspect he won’t last long in the job.

    1. Bill Mahr isn’t funny.
      Al Franken isn’t funny.
      They were both, at one point in their careers, funny .. but apparently the same progressive brain-wasting disease that causes intolerance toward other viewpoints and a complete breakdown of cause-and-effect reasoning also destroys the ability to make or take a joke.

  3. Hiring a foreigner to come to the United States of America and insult the country and its people only appeals to a select portion of the American electorate.

    Yes, yes – I know that is obvious to everyone here, but the entertainment industry is a little bit provincial in its attitudes. Closed-minded, even.

  4. Holy @$#%. In what world is this guy considered funny? Or remotely interesting? His accent, normally a draw for American audiences, isn’t even that engaging.
    Piers Morgan is a beacon of Light and Goodness next to this dud.

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