Al Sharpton threatens hunger strike if Loretta Lynch is not confirmed AG.


Of course, this is less than it seems: “[An] advocacy group founded by the Rev. Al Sharpton, along with female civil-rights leaders, are [sic] launching the hunger strike – where groups of fasters will alternate days abstaining from food until Lynch is confirmed to replace Eric Holder at the Justice Department.” In other words, nobody’s actually going to starve to death if Loretta Lynch is not confirmed as the new Attorney General. They just want to look cool while complaining about Loretta Lynch, because in 2015 that’s what the Democratic party leadership is all about.  As long as there’s a social media buzz and the right people murmuring complements, that’s all that matters.

I would be remiss, by the way, if I did not note that there’s a simple way to get Lynch’s nomination to go forward. Democrats can stop filibustering that anti-human trafficking bill that they’ve been blocking. Once that happens, business can continue. Of course, doing that may mean that fewer minority babies end up being aborted, but the Democratic party leadership can’t have everything that they want.

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6 thoughts on “Al Sharpton threatens hunger strike if Loretta Lynch is not confirmed AG.”

  1. Love to see someone ask him whether this is the Rev Al diet, since it seems to have worked for him, and whether he’s trying to recruit threxe-hundies for this.

    1. If he were to actually conduct a hunger strike and die during the protest, I doubt many would see any downside.

  2. Hell, Al’s already a pretty good bobble-head, don’t know how he’s going to stand the strain… (snicker)

  3. When does it end? Making a huge deal out of every single thing is getting tiresome. Who really cares about this other than the far left? If they make the choice not to eat over this, than that isn’t my problem. Sometimes I think these activists are a little out of touch. What is so remarkable about this lady that makes it so important she be confirmed. Pass the human trafficking bill and than they can get a new AG that will try to outdo the last one in corruption.

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