Hey, Tim Tebow’s reportedly heading back to the NFL.

Gonna play for the Eagles:

The Eagles are reportedly set to sign quarterback Tim Tebow Monday as they begin their offseason workout program, according to FOX Sports NFL Insider Jay Glazer.

The team is convinced he’s improved a lot and will keep him as their fourth QB on the roster for the offseason program, according to the report.

This will undoubtedly infuriate a lot of people who typically call football ‘American football’ because to call soccer ‘soccer’ is apparently a travesty. Personally, I never could quite figure out just why he engenders such a harsh reaction from various elements of the Left. I mean, I know that the “committed Christian” thing was and is provocative to that sort, but it still seemed a bit over-the-top. Maybe it was the way that he got a team in the cellar to the playoffs? – Some people do so hate to see other people do well.

Eh. The guy may not even play all that much this year anyway.

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  1. You know, the fact that he’s highly unlikely to end up doing twenty to life seems like it might be a serious selling point these days. *sad smile*

  2. I think it was a combo of him being in the wrong tribe for sports writers, him not showing proper deference to them by shutting up and the over saturation of coverage on him for his rookie year while they waited for him to fail and he made them wait a long time.

    Guys at my office were primarily just tired of hearing about him. No hatred, just an annoyed confusion as to why a mediocre quarterback was getting covered like he was a superstar.

    1. I was annoyed by all the coverage, and I’m doubly annoyed by some people I know who love Tebow for no other reason other then he’s a “Christian”
      I watch football for football, not politics, or religion, and I determine who I like based on how well they play. That being said, Tebow is still a stand up guy, who deserves better then what he got from the Jets ( who kept on starting Sanchez for whatever reason)
      and he probably deserves better then being 4th on the Depth chart, even a mediocre qb is usually better then the usual bench warmer/placeholder that is the average 2nd string QB in the NFL.

  3. Yeah, as a Denver resident who was here when Tebow was playing, we suddenly had a lot of fans who weren’t Bronco fans, they were Tebow fans. And they were quite vocal almost immediately. Even before the season started, they were asking “When’s Tebow going to be playing? Cutler threw an incomplete. Better put Tebow in.” And that turned the local sports media off on the guy very quickly. And when McDaniels actually put him in, he succeeded, and that made them even madder. Heck, I remember last year hearing commentators on the radio channel that hosts the Broncos still proclaiming that Tebow was the worst QB the Broncos ever had, despite his rather good record with the team.

    Plus locally, there’s the feeling that McDaniels signed him in an effort to purposefully tank the team for higher draft picks.

    1. Cutler last played Denver in 2008, two years before the Broncos drafted Tebow.


      Tebow replaced Kyle Orton as the starter in Denver.

      1. I was going to say something about my dislike of Denver fans, but this exchange pretty much covers everything.

    2. Are you even a Bronco fan? Or do you just have amnesia? This might be the worst Broncos take I’ve ever seen.
      McDaniels might have drafted Tebow, but he never played him. He was fired and Studesville became the interim head coach and played Tebow in the Houston game (Tebow threw for 300 yards in a conventional offense in the win…).
      Then next year they (Fox) said they were going to have an open competition for QB, one day into training camp they then declared, laughingly, that Orton “gives us the best chance to win”
      Orton goes 1-4. Then Fox/Elway, not McDaniels, decided to start Tebow in an effort to shut the fans up about him, and tank for a QB (suck for Luck!) Tebow comes in to take the 2nd worst team in the league to the playoffs, beats the #1 passing defense by throwing for 316 yards.
      Anyways, I’m rooting for him to make the Eagles. He’s a better QB than Bradford (who did much less with a lot more talented Rams team) and Sanchez (buttfumble speaks for itself). Chip Kelly is probably the only head coach who thinks outside the box right now – I want him to succeed so other coaches take some chances too, and make for a more entertaining NFL.
      end rant….

  4. I have nothing against Tim Tebow, despite the fact that his one playoff win came against my Pittsburgh Steelers. Steelers were lucky to even be in that game considering Roethlisberger was scrambling around on pretty much one leg.

  5. This may be my new definition for “mixed emotions”:

    Tebow’s back! (Stand-up, all-American, politely but firmly outspoken Christian dude who weathered some pretty tough heat and, by all accounts, remained ultra-classy)

    …playing for The Hated Philadelphia Iggles (LEAST-classy and least-successful of the division rivals of America’s Team, with a fan base to make Raider Nation look dignified and law-abiding).

    1. The Eagles never deserved McNabb, and they don’t deserve Tebow, heck, Philly fans don’t even deserve the contrite and “reformed” Michael Vick.
      They deserve the “cruelty to animals” Vick.
      And TO. TO Should be a lifetime Eagles player, no single player has embodied the average Eagles fan the way Terrell Owens did.

    1. _I’m_ kind of annoyed at you as a football fan, for implying there’s ANY kind of comparison between that game and America’s #1 sport, but mostly I love that because it bothers soccer fans and I shall be stealing that line shamelessly. 🙂

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