More inevitable results of the Seattle minimum wage hike.

In a development that will shock precisely nobody who wasn’t paying attention, the new Seattle minimum wage hike has claimed another business (Z Pizza). This is of note partially because there’s apparently a wrinkle to the Seattle law: while ‘regular’ businesses have six years to get their wages up, franchises have only two.  Don’t you just love it when progressives play their little social engineering games with your livelihood and neighborhood? – I mean, it’s pretty clear by now that you can’t expect these people to come in out of the rain, but they are certainly always so enthusiastic when they drive the car into a ditch.

Anyway, I imagine that if you’re a Seattle business owner then this comment would fill you with a certain dread:

We reached out to 15 Now Seattle, the organization that pushed for the higher minimum wage. Director Jess Spear hadn’t heard about Z Pizza’s decision to close. So she wouldn’t comment specifically on that, only saying: “Restaurants open and close all the time, for various reasons.”

…On the other hand, Seattle voted for the financial illiterates who put this minimum wage hike in place in the first place, so my sympathies for the city as a whole are finite. On the gripping hand, for all I know the Z Pizza owner fought tooth and nail for the Republican sacrificial victims candidates in the last election.

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6 thoughts on “More inevitable results of the Seattle minimum wage hike.”

  1. What Republican “candidates”? They vote the Jungle System there – it’s a rainbow of flavors of Progs from Wobbly Communist to SJW. Republicans have been effectively removed from any ability to influence anything in crazytown.

    1. Even so, I’m a big believer is always having somebody on the ballot, just in case some sort of miracle occurs.

      1. Ah, but that only goes as far as the primary – top two vote getters, regardless of “party” (party affiliations are not listed) go on the the general. In practice, it becomes a decision between two flavors of Special Snowflake, and you get people elected like Sawant.

    1. But both values are infinity, and that makes no sense….Oh, right, it’s the left sense is…..contraindicated….

  2. This should be a head up for a lot of people on our side. For all the “Dooooom!” we keep hearing, for all the frothing about how the Democrats are winning the culture war, when one of our pizza joints gets mugged by the other side, they get a million+ dollars. One of their pizza joints gets mugged by their own side, nothing. No donations, no parade, nothing. Just bankruptcy……

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